Your FEGLI Option B life insurance rates will become prohibitively expensive above age 50:

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FAQ (FEGLI Exchange Program)


What is the FEGLI Exchange Program?

The FEGLI Exchange Program is a private/independent service of the Life Insurance Exchange, LTD. We help federal professionals secure life insurance coverage in the private markets outside of the FEGLI Plan. We act as a broker representing a variety of highly rated life insurance companies with a mutual goal of finding you suitable alternatives to your group plan called FEGLI Option B.

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What is FEGLI?

FEGLI stands for Federal Employee Group Life Insurance aka FEGLI. FEGLI is a group life insurance policy and is part of the employee benefits package offered to United States federal employees.

Most likely, you enrolled in this program on your first day of employment with your agency.

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What are the different kinds of FEGLI?

The 4 kinds of FEGLI are:

  • Basic Coverage: 1x your annual salary plus $2k
  • Option A: (10k of lifetime coverage)
  • Option B: (1x to 5x) your annual salary
  • Option C: Spouse and children coverage

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Is Option B a long-term life insurance solution?

FEGLI Option B is a suitable and prudent plan to stay with while you are young. Once you reach ages 50, 55, 60 etc. the rates for FEGLI B increase dramatically and will become unaffordable.

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Does FEGLI Option B build up any cash value?

FEGLI Option B does not build up any cash value. It is a group term life insurance plan.

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Do I need to take a physical to qualify for a plan from the Life Insurance Exchange?

We offer plans where you take a complimentary mini-physical (your path to the lowest rates) as well as option where no exam is required. The choice is yours.

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About Us


My name is Rob Eisenberg and I work with federal professionals to help them better understand their group life insurance called FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance).

Our website will display a savings analysis comparing your FEGLI Option B versus alternatives available through the Life Insurance Exchange's FEGLI Exchange Program:

Life Insurance Exchange Website

FEGLI Option B (1x to 5x your income) becomes prohibitively expensive above age 50 and might not be the long-term life insurance solution you were hoping for. FEGLI Basic (1x Annual income plus $2,000) is a great plan to keep forever.

As an independent life insurance consultant specializing in working with higher income federal professionals, my initial goal is to educate you on your existing life insurance (FEGLI Basic and FEGLI Option B) as well as strategize together on the best policy(s) for your future.

The OPM recently announced an upcoming open season for FEGLI. If you are uninsurable or a cigarette smoker, re-enrolling in Option B makes sense. Most others should look to the private markets for more prudent/affordable long-term options.

Our website will show you those alternative plans.

Life Insurance Exchange Website

Feel free to contact me with any questions. - Rob